About the Team

We are Jay and Natasha Necati. We have been married for 11 years and have been running an eCommerce business together called Crafty Arts for the last 12+ years.

Crafty Arts was a family business and was started by Jay’s parents in 1991. The business was shop based and we found our place on high streets and in shopping centres. The business is still a family business that we both run and continue to grow, however the business itself is a very different business from when it first started.

Fast forward to 2019, Crafty Arts is a one-stop-shop for hobby materials. We have a friendly store where we introduced a training room to teach people how to use the products we sell, and run classes for our local community, as well as having 90% of the business being online. We are still excited for Crafty Arts and its potential growth, through other platforms and new product lines.

“Online is a very exciting business, as there is always potential for growth and we are in the field of opportunity”

We became consultants for online businesses; 

  • – Start-ups
  • – Businesses that want to grow further
  • – Retailers that want to create an online store and presence and don’t know where to start

Over the years we have grown our business to a multi-million-pound business, we loved the challenge and the personal reward that come from it and decided to train entrepreneurs and business owners and share what we learned and so Art of Business was created. We have found that there are many people out there who teach e-commerce courses and training, but we feel that we have the edge. We live and breathe the online market on a daily basis, working through the snags and the processes. It is what we do.

We enjoy connecting with others that have a passion for business and want to grow. For us, as long as you have the passion, we will teach you the how-to.


We both started our careers as employees, but deep down had a drive to do something else. Jay started his professional career for Goldman Sachs as IT support and then moved onto website design, whereas Natasha completed her BA in Media studies and started a career in Administration and then went onto writing bids and tenders.

We both took the plunge to start the online side of the business, which was one of the scariest and yet most exciting decisions that we had both ever made. We both undertook massive wage cuts, only receiving a few orders a week. Yet we both still saw the opportunity for growth and went for it. Our passion project is now a successful online and offline retail business, with over 10,000 products in our portfolio. We are excited to share what we have learnt along the way to help you skyrocket your online business. Not only do we share the how-to, we’ll share the pitfalls and errors that we have been through, for you to learn fast and steer clear of.

We have found that as business owners and entrepreneurs, you have to do just that. Take the opportunity and run with it.


The Necati’s

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